Hi, everyone! After gracing you all with my inane/inflamatory comments, I thought I should introduce myself and my baby which I will hopefully be writing about and posting some DIYs once the weather and my schedule permit me to get some work done. So here it is in all its dilapidated glory:


So some info:

Car has the original oldsmobile 403, turbo 350, and a sad 2.45 rear axle ratio (limited slip!) Interior is ripped apart in these pics, but I have no carpet or headliner.

What does it need?


Seriously, I am trying to get it inspected for this summer, so I will be doing the following:

fiberglass patch floor pans (structually sound don’t worry)

rebuild carburetor

diagnose/repair nonfunctioning headlight problem (think it is fusible links)

diagnose/repair heater/ac blower motor (same problem I think)

new exhaust system with headers.

new parking brake cable


Its old, virtually every body panel will need replaced, but it runs like an absolute champion. Looks pretty good when the sun hits it right.


budget is limited, since I am still in school, but it looks like it is going to be a fun/ veeerrrryyyyy long summer! Will probably do another post later with all the weird shit I have found already. Here is a preview: this car has imperial fasteners, metric head fasteners with imperial threads, and straight up metric fasteners. wut.

My other ride:

edit: wont let me share pics, so imagine a blue mini cooper s here. KINJA’D

Glad to me a part of the family! AMA.