So, I got a wine cooler with a broken starter relay - it clicks when turned on, and when I removed the relay, something inside was lose.

So, I got a new relay - with nothing lose inside. I just installed it, turned the cooler on, and it started clicking again. I removed the new relay, and lo and behold, there is something lose inside of it.

So, I guess something is frying my relays. Appliance guys want $75 to just show up at my door. Any ideas what might be causing this?


Here are the schematics

This is the relay in question

EDIT: below is the one I bought - the one I had in my cooler was QP2-4.7G. Was I an idiot that just bought the wrong part? They look identical on the outisde.


I guess I might have to pay someone to do this, but I know this will be a simple part replacement.

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