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No, that is neither my Dart nor my photo, but it illustrates my post pretty well.


You see, my girlfriend of 3 years is getting a car soon. She's not had one so far due to relying on buses and, well, not having a license (long story short: her dad is an asshole). But she's set to complete grad school within a year and needs to learn to drive to have good job prospects. The car she picked is a FIAT 500. If all goes well I should have the keys in my hand later today or at the latest on Saturday. She's funding the car, but the not-having-a-license bit means I pick it up. She picked the car out, a Verde Azzuro Pop with the alloy wheels, ivory interior, and an automatic. I'd normally raise a stink about the last thing seeing how much mileage it robs the car and how fun the 500's manual is, but it's her car to learn on and I am a pragmatic person; tossing a car-uninterested soul like her into Pittsburgh hills and traffic while learning to both drive a car and drive a stick may as well constitute a middle-finger breakup.

I do get to borrow the car when she doesn't need it, though, so I'm counting it as Car #2 in my garage.

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