Burt Rutan retired over a year ago. He didn't design a plane the whole time. He can't just stop cold turkey. Burt presents to the oldboldpilots association the 45 airplanes he designed that he can talk about. 44 minutes in, is the Skigull, an amphibious motor glider. You do not need a FAA medical to fly a glider or motor glider so he is building it to the definition. It will have shock absorption skis to allow rough water work so this can land on water, larger swells, snow, or land. Run on auto gas. Travel huge distances, and all with a 45 foot span and a pace maker.

This video is good in it's entirety although the audio is quite low. He is a remarkable person that is always engaging to listen to. There are other designers and engineers that we can somewhat understand but Burt is like free-form jazz, just that much above the head that we can't quite 'get it.' but the end result makes anyone take notice when they finally see whats going on.