I never should have sold my Tacoma. I miss it dearly.

I bought the Ranger because it was cheap and I needed a cheap car to replace the BMW. I knew going in it wouldn’t come close to the Tacoma. It was 4x4 and better in everyway. I will buy one like the one I had someday.

I never thought I could love another truck. I’m not there yet with the Ranger but things are looking good. I drove it over 500 miles last weekend.


I wish it had 4x4. The Edge package makes an eventual swap easy. It has a 4x4 frame and front suspension. Maybe this summer I can throw a front diff and transfer case down there.

Over all these miles I’ve grown attached. Fixed the misfire. Best mod ever, not having to deal with loss of power and all the shaking.


Anyway. Don’t know where I’m going with this. Here are some pictures.