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Photo: rights belong to myself

I’ve been having some clutch trouble and it seems to be either the throwout bearing or the pilot bearing. This is unfortunate because I was planning on using my tax refund on shoring up the suspension/handling set up. It’s ok though. Going with my philosophy of turning a weakness into a strength: I am going to take this opportunity to replace the clutch and flywheel as well.

Photo: rights belong to myself

They just arrived and I cannot wait to have them in my car! Thanks to SuperMiata/949 Racing for making quality products. After a friendly conversation with one of the guys at their shop, I decided on purchasing their organic clutch and aluminum flywheel for a B6 (or 1.6l) on my BPE8 (1.8l). Torque capacity is at 220ft lbs, so it will be plenty for me as I never plan on forced induction.

Just going to the clutch and flywheel of a B6 engine is going to lighten things a little and free up revs, making for a slightly more responsive engine. However going from the oem 19lb steel flywheel to a 7.8lb aluminum flywheel is going to be night and day. I am drooling with anticipation.

Photo: rights belong to myself

This will be the first of (hopefully) many modifications to come this spring. Spring plans include a tune up (looking into extended reach plugs), continuing to lighten (bye bye a/c), shoring up suspension and braking.  Until next time Oppo: live fast and take lots of chances. 

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