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State of the bicycle.

This is pretty much a post of my race build at the current moment. The Soma smoothie is at the head of my choices at the moment mainly because its 4.6 pound (with carbon fibre fork) steel frame will be great for going long distances along with racing. I'm also planning on using a Campy Athena 11 speed groupset pictured after the jump. Right now I'm looking at about 2k for what should be around a 18.9 pound bicycle for about $2100.


Campy Athena 11 speed groupset

Brooks Saddle, 2 Gatorskin tires, tires (Not the size I'm using just put in as place holder), Carbon Fibre Seatpost for helping to further absorb the bumps, Shimano r540 pedals


The carbon fibre fork (The thing only weighs 360 grams!), Handlebars (placeholder as I would like polished aluminum ones), Stem, Crane Creek headset (need to do more research on headsets before which one I decide to buy.)


Finally the wheels I'm looking at, Ritchey Zeta Comp, they're strong while still being fairly light and cheap (800g front and 1100g in the rear and $180).

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