State of the Miata, project updates #no filter

The first OEM part to go into my car since purchase. I realize that there would be zero hp gain (actually I’d lose a couple) but part of me wants an anodized red air pipe with a K&N cone filter to replace the ugly black plastic. Save me from myself

Belts and valve cover gasket straight from Mazda. Unfortunately I won’t have time until next weekend at the earliest for this. Booooo


But! It’s not all bad news. Finally received my oil filter sandwich plate, which means.... I can change the oil that desperately needs it but most importantly I’ll be able to hook up my oil pressure gauge! That means that there will be a working oil pressure gauge in the car for the first time in 23 years!

Coolant reroute showed up too. The level of attention put into this kit is rarely seen by other vendors. There’s a reason I stick with 949 Racing (Supermiata). Still waiting on - Crossflow radiator, aluminum coolant overflow tank, a few hoses and possibly an anodized hardline to replace that long hose below. Totally unnecessary but come on! I’m doing a cooling system overhaul. I deserve some engine bay bling...


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