Found the coolant leak, confirmed bad turbo, and confirmed bad valve stem seals.


The coolant leak was first thought to be the waterpump so that got replaced with an aluminum unit over the original plastic one. But it was actually a perished crossover pipe that goes from the back of the waterpump to the thermostat housing. The thermostats are known for failing too so that got replaced while I was in there.

Figured while the intakes off I may aswell replace the turbo since its wastegate flaps wallowed out. Unsurprisingly the exhaust housing is cracked, its leaking oil, and has tons of baked on oil. On the fence about buying a new exhaust housing and a rebuild set or just replacing it. Not sure that exhaust turbine looks up to the task of another 50,000 miles.


Also it seems clear that the valve stem seals are done. 3 of the 4 cylinders looked like this.


Now just waiting on how Insurance from the recent accident and unrelated legal issues play out before buying parts and getting the head rebuilt.

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