State of Washington, or How I Became Frustrated Looking for Autocrosses

As a car enthusiast and an autocrossing fan, I have been hooked ever since my first autocross. I want to find all the autocrosses that I can, test out myself and my car. There is only one problem: I have very little money for gas to travel the 100+ miles to most of Washington's autocrosses. I live north of Everett, in the northern third of the state. There is a popular venue just south of Mt. Rainier, a dis-used airport near Spokane, and a similarly dis-used airport on the Peninsula in Bremerton. I have yet to find anything between Seattle and the Canadian border that doesn't require a ferry or a tank of gas just to get there. If anyone knows of any events in King, Snohomish, Skagit, or Whatcom counties, please, PLEASE let me know!


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