Statistics, sex, and gender identity

This is just something I’ve found interesting lately. It probably means nothing, but it could actually be an indicator of my trans-ness. (Oh yeah, if you weren’t there when I came out before, I’m one of the few people here who are trans. Surprise!)

I’ve dated three girls seriously, and I’ve very closely associated with a few others romantically. All as a man. Now, here’s the weird thing:

Of the five who I believe I seriously loved and who seriously loved me back, two have since come out as bisexual..... and the other three are straight-up lesbians.


Considering that (according to a 2014 government survey) roughly just 3% of people are gay, and even less are bisexual (these are based on self-identification, so I’m sure the closeted numbers are significantly higher, but it’s still way less than you might think), the chance of this happening with any random 5 people is approximately 0.00000013%. (Seriously, it’s that low. 3%×3%×3%×0.7%×0.7%. Even if we assume there’s a 10% chance of being gay or bi, that’s 0.1^5, which is 0.00001, or 0.001%. Keep in mind, this is for a random sample.)

So, yeah. I think it’s fair to assume that I was able to attract these people based on my femininity, or just by giving off a comforting female vibe. It probably means nothing, but still. The chance of it happening *at random* is virtually nonexistent. There HAS to be a reason for it.

Random follow-up question, because I’m curious: how many of you got a female sort of impression of me before finding all this out? Be honest; if you assumed I was just a regular guy, that won’t bother me. I’m just curious.

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