We’ve seen that “dieselgate” has been shrugged off by at last two European car markets, so let’s continue our exploration by travelling North to Sweden, a country noted for environmental friendliness and so one which should treat diesels like a manifestation of the Antichrist.

Do they? Nej.

Have they stopped buying VWs? Nej.

Have they stopped buying diesel VWs? Nej.

Has the percentage of the overall market taken by diesels fallen? Nej, or more correctly not by a statistically significant amount.


So let’s see some numbers.

The best selling car is a Volvo (now, there’s a surprise...), the V70. For the period to Okt 15 (yes, Okt. Sweden.) 92.86% of these were diesel. For the same period in 2014 the percentage was 93.44%

Next is the almost inevitable Golf, whose diesel percentage has in fact fallen, from 32.12 to 26.88%, although actual numbers increased.

Third is another home grown model, the XC60 whose percentage remains the same at 98.82


Fourth is the Passat, which has actually increased its dieselness from 91.26 to 97.96%

Overall for the first ten months diesel’s share of the car market has gone from 59.26% in 2014 to 57.99% this year.


So there we have it. So far yet another market isn’t yet the slightest bit concerned about diesels, be they VW or anybody else’s.

Have a Swedish XC60. The chances of this being fed by the black pump are about 50:1 and remain so.


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