What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Norway, as we know, is a country that makes so much money selling fossil fuels to other people that it can afford elaborate incentives to persuade its own citizens to buy cars that don’t use the said fossil fuels. It was the first country in Europe to buy Teslas in numbers and reading comments by Tesla fans would suggest that every second Norwegian was buying a Model S and that it had become a promised land for Elon Musk.


No, actually. You can look up the figures for the year to date right here (scroll down to the end) but we can see that Tesla seem to be going backwards. Sales for the period to May 2015 were 2,108 for a share of 3.5% but for the same period this year sales are down to 957 and 1.5%.


Mind you the Norwegians are otherwise deeply devoted to electrons. The Leaf is the third bestseller preceded by the Mitsubishi Outlander, usually sold as a PHEV. Yes, Mitsubishi fans, there is a country where your favoured make sells.

So there we have it. Tesla down, Mitsubishi up. Who’d have thought?

Have an Outlander PHEV.

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