Let’s turn our attention to France, home of Delahaye, De Gaulle and Delacroix. Not home of the croissant, which is from Vienna. Not home either of what the Americans call French fries, which are Belgian.

So what’s chaud and what’s froid? Allons-y.

Here’s the Top Ten for 2016.

1. Renault Clio

2. Peugeot 208

3. Peugeot 308

4. Renault Captur

5. Peugeot 2008

6. Dacia Sendero (yaay!)

7. Citroen C3

8. Renault Mégane

9. Citroen C4 Picasso

10 Renault Twingo

Now, what do that lot have in common?

Yes, they’re all French, or at least from French owned companies. The first foreigner is the Polo at no. 11.


None are American, to the displeasure of The Orange One.

In further statistical news, 52% of sales in France were of diesels, down from 57% in 2016. Hybrids made up 2.9% (down from 3.2%) while electrics were 1%, up from 0.9%.

Have a Swedish registered Clio in Norway. Pic by yours truly.


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