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My full time teaching gig is transitioning to online only format. It’s gonna be a bit weird, but everyone is working together to figure it out. We’re all still getting paid, so we’ll make it work. My graduate studies haven’t slowed down at all, which is making preparing all new lessons and watching my kids all day difficult. On the positive, I got to take home my classroom snake while we are closed. My kids love this guy, which will be good for entertainment. On the downside, I’m prettg sure I slipped a disc taking apart my weight rack so I could bring it home. Searing, constant pain down the side of my leg.


My evening teaching gig is cancelled until they figure something out, so I’m out an extra $1,200/mo. My wife has also already had two events cancelled. On the plus side, still have regular income and now I get to enjoy sunset hikes.

Illustration for article titled Status

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