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Status of the FP and the new EIC

This is the statement buy the new EIC of Jalopnik

“I also want Jalopnik to be the place where car enthusiasts talk about the future of car culture, specifically with regard to commuting, climate change, urban sprawl, alienation and other fun topics. The tension between my love of internal combustion engines and my desire to limit the role I play in destroying the planet is something I spend a lot of time thinking about. I don’t think I’m alone in that. I don’t see that stuff being discussed regularly in automotive media and it’s a discussion that we as a community should be contributing to—in addition to posting about craigslist garbage, naturally.”


Bold is my emphasis. It is all that I don’t want to discuss on a car website.

FP currently has:

1. Article abut lidar on Volvo cars

2. Kinja deals ad

3. Announcement of the new EIC

4. Story about a car crash

5. David Tracy’s trivia

6. Another Kinja Deals ad

7. Car buying post by Tom

8. Group of links for shit I couldn’t care less about

9. Morning shift

10. Another ad

11. Gizmodo article about banning cruises

12. Weird Torch post

13. Youtube video of a random song

14. Another kinja deals ad

15. NPOCP post

16. What are you reading post

17.Racing post

18. Plane post

19. Another ad yay

20. Another racing post

This is with an ad blocker. With the new EIC and the new direction, and the current state of FP where 50% of the stuff is shit and another 30-40% is stuff I don’t care about, why do I even bother ever clicking there?? Man I miss the old Jalopnik. 

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