I’ll keep it short, since I’m posting from my phone. But my radiator was leaking too fast for me to go back to Texas on it, and with work I didn’t have time to DIY it. So I buy the rad at autozone and drop it off at the shop (cheaper than theirs). They call back saying it’s the wrong one and give me the part for one at O’Reillys on the other side of town. Go get that one and bring it to them. It’s also wrong. After some phone calls, apparently Hyundai changed the part number on the radiator sometime between now and when they started producing it. Not even RockAuto had the correct one.

Was able to get a hold a radiator shop that has one, that’s at least the right dimensions, but it won’t be here till Friday. Then have to take it to the shop during my lunch break so they can replace it. Compared to just having it good to go on Wednesday if Hyundai hadn’t fucked up the part numbers.


God fucking damit Hyundai. Can y’all just stop fucking my shit up?

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