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Stay classy BMW

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I work in the same building as BMW's head office for China and those Bavarians are not shy about their presence in the building as exemplified by frequent large billboards for their products or brand in the main lobby. Not all of their ads are successful though and the one I saw today shocked me and a few of my colleagues.


We see what appears to be a Mini Cabrio (or is it the Cooper Roadster? I don't really know, they all look the same) surrounded by young Buddhist monks in what can only assumed to be Tibet. I am unable to read the caption, and I'm not sure what these kids are doing ; living in China my first thought was that they must be cleaning the car (child beggards offering to clean your car are sadly a common sight here), but that's not totally clear.

However, given BMW's track record on the human rights front and given the intense contentiousness of the China-Tibet situation, I can't help but feel that this ad is just inappropriate. Are they pandering to the regime or trolling it?


Bonus: My buddy's guess for what the caption truly says: "Participate in the civilization process of glorious united China by showing these backwards-peoples the joys of consumption!"

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