First, have an L200, because I’m on a bit of a rant.

Bit of a double standard there Car Throttle.

Not to stir shit, but holy hell. You make a video, showing that you think pouring massive amounts of soot into the air and LITERALLY GIVING PEOPLE CANCER FOR LAUGHS, is “cool”. But then, a few months later, you make a video showing how rolling coal is suddenly bad.


A part of me would like to think that they’ve learned from their mistakes, but all they actually did to apoligize for the previous video in support of rolling coal was change the title slightly, but they’ve kept the actual video up, without editing it at all, sucking that sweet, sweet ad revenue.

And, if it couldn’t get any worse, they’re now sponsored by some shitty ass fitness supplement, which seems rather poetic if you think about it.


Stay classy CT.

(PS: I’m not trying to start shit, and if this violates any rules, I’ll gladly delete the post.)