If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Stay Crazy, Dodge. Stay Crazy.

"The Challenger is just to big, too heavy," I said to Tom in a Twitter back and forth. And for all that I can find wrong with this car, I still love it.

It's bold, big, and badass. A rolling American cliche that says "watch me melt tires for no god damn reason at all you Prius-driving treehuggers."

Got kids? Shove all 3 of them in the back and tear into the Wal-Mart parking lot like an American badass.

Accelerator? Ha! You mean the Freedom Pedal? Push it, hard and Stars and Stripes blow from the exhaust while the Supercharger screams like a bald eagle plummeting toward a peaceful fish in the stream.

Prey, meet predator.

We are at a crossroads for SRT and Dodge and what the future looks like is uncertain. Will it be more Dart and less Challenger? (Pray not) Can a brand continue to play the retro design card and win? Is the answer for Dodge to just make everything ridiculously fast and track-friendly (pray yes).


Either way, I wish the engineers and designers at SRT, Dodge and all throughout FCA the best of luck as they execute their Italian marching orders. Hopefully they'll continue to build crazy pieces of machinery such as the 600hp one you see pictured above (which I clearly photoshopped.)

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