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Stay safe on the roads

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My dad is a specialty commercial insurance agent, and deals with a wide variety of companies, including many trucking companies or companies that run heavy trucks as part of their business. I worked as an intern there over the summer. On my last day of work, we received news that an old man in a pickup truck had run a stop sign in front of his client’s over-the-road semi and been killed. This week, another client had a truck involved in a fatal accident. The 20 year-old driver of a fully loaded cement mixer made a sharp turn and tipped the truck onto a car waiting at the light. Both young men in the car were killed instantly. Now, I do not want to rush to any conclusions, nor do my dad or his partner who is the actual agent of record for this account. However, it would certainly seem that speed played some factor in this crash. Clearly whatever occurred, it was an honest and tragic error. However, without wishing to be accused of age discrimination, I do believe that having a 20 year old behind the wheel of a fully loaded cement mixer is a bad idea. In Nebraska, you only need to be 18 for a local (non-interstate) CDL, so this guy was driving the truck legally. However, I personally think this is a case of “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” In my mind, driving this specific type of incredibly large and unusually top-heavy vehicle should be a job for more experienced drivers. But that’s just, like, my opinion.

Illustration for article titled Stay safe on the roads

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