Came upon this motorcycle accident about 5 minutes after it happened. Rider did not survive. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. Details and bike wreckage inside, but no photos of him, be warned.

Accident happened just around the bend in this photo, rider headed toward the camera

He was riding alone at the time. According to the two girls who were directly behind him when it happened he hit the rumble strip on the outside of his lane and lost control, at which point he hit the guardrail and went over. His bike stayed upright and continued on its own for another thousand feet or so where it finally hit the opposite embankment and went down, almost cooling with the dump truck in the first photo.

Two girls and dump truck guy both called 911. Girls had babies in the car and it was hot, so they did not assist but stayed until authorities released them. Dump truck guy assisted, as did a passing off duty EMT. The EMT ran 15 feet down a steep embankment covered with thick thorn bushes, wearing shorts, to try to save the man. I don’t know for certain, but from the sounds of it the rider was not wearing a helmet or armored riding gear, just the standard Harley leathers. Dump truck guy said the rider was badly cut up and was unresponsive from the moment they were able to get to him. Hopefully he felt no pain in his final moments.



Appears to be a 2014 Dyna. No idea if he was experienced or not.

Poor one out for our fallen brother, two wheel oppos.