Buddy laid down his bike on the way into work this morning. Fortunately he was wearing all his gear and is OK - only a little bruise on his knee and a big bruise on his ego. Swerved to miss a pothole and hit a patch of black ice. I got there after my other friend in the F150 and helped load the bike up. Only significant damage to the bike is a broken valve cover because boxer engine.  It puked oil all over the road but we think the tip over sensor killed the motor before impact. At first we thought something major was wrong because it was taking all three of us to get it rolling but we quickly realized we had only kicked it down to first. Got it in neutral and it glides right up the ramps just before the road started filling up with the bulk of the commuters at 7 AM. Hopefully it doesn’t need a ton of work. These are cool bikes and I want to see it back on the road soon. Anyway this time of year in most of the US is nasty with wet days and freezing nights coupled with potholes springing up in random spots - be careful out there guys!


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