I should have known better...

My wife has a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium with the 2.0l Turbo.

She talked me into driving from Atlanta to Miami about a month ago to see her family, and we noticed an issue with her A/C. In the middle of the FL turnpike, 163° and 180% humidty,after about 500000000 hours of driving with those godamnedpeoplethatrideintheleftlanedoing40underthespeedlimit her blower motor maintained the same speed, but the airflow dropped to a mouse sneeze and the temperature jumped up considerably. I immediately figured we sucked a gator/armadillo/turtle/swan/etc... off the road and it was clogging the cabin air filter. I pulled the filter and it wasn’t too terribly dirty. After a stop for some food at the service station, we started the car back up and were greeted by the pleasant feeling of properly chilled air. I then assumed it was a sensor somewhere. The research began.

Cut to today where my wife had the day free, and she drove to our local Fuuuuurd dealer to have the problem addressed: TSB 14-0006. The evap sensor was designed poorly, and will freeze, causing it to stop functioning. A quick search on good ole YouTube, and I found this:

My wife wanted to have the dealer fix it under that TSB (evap sensor) as well as have the airbag recall that was open for her car addressed. My wife spoke to the dealer and told the advisor when she arrived what the symptoms were and she said “My husband found this TSB which might solve the problem...”


Fast forward 2 hours, and they tell her, it’s the evap sensor. (oh reeeeeealllly?) The service manager then told my wife that the evap sensor is deep in the dash, will take 2 days to get out and cost a whopping $388 to fix + the diagnostic fee of $200. I told her to leave. A quick Rock Auto search reveals that the part is $7.00 + shipping and takes about 20 seconds to take off and replace, and that is if I don’t do the fix that Ford prescribed on the TSB. I am not sure where the other ~$381 goes. The service manager said “I doubt your husband can touch any of this without the right tools.”

The only tool I don’t need is that jackass.