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We went to (redacted) Honda of (redacted) to get the brakes done, front and back, for the Odyssey. Last time we went, a guy quoted us for $600-700 for the front and back combined. We go yesterday, and that guy is nowhere to be seen, and now we’re being told it’d cost $1400. And the shitstorm starts.

We were there for 4 hours, 7AM to 11AM. It started with what I said above, then my dad just telling then to screw it and just do the inspection on the car. We’re told the front engine mount is ‘still good, but on its way out’, the rotors are warped and can be resurfaced another time (been resurfaced twice already), theres something wrong with the steering column, and that we’d be charged for them to check the transmission and suspension, which is stupid seeing how we are already being forced to pay a few hundred for just the steering column. What’s more, our extended warranty doesn’t cover any of it at all, it’s all considered ‘normal wear and tear’ items that need replacing, including the engine mount. So all we did at the dealer was get the steering thing fixed and look at cars. Btw, my dad was seriously looking at a car that he’d trade in the CR-V for. Kinda would suck because that’s what I use and he wouldn’t trust me with the new car, but would be better overall as a car. I mentioned it as a suggestion to another Oppo yesterday who is getting a new car and likes Hondas, have fun hunting. But yeah, as they were working on the Odyssey, my dad was looking into other places who’d do the brakes for cheaper but with quality as well. We found a place and as we were about to leave, the new place asked for the measurements of the rotors since we resurfaced them twice. The Honda dealer should’ve wrote it down on the records we have but nope, they didn’t. So we turned around and went back in and the guy told us they’d have to take it back apart and measure it since they didn’t remember. My dad told me “come on, we’ll probably have to be here another 10 minutes.” The dealer dude said very tongue in cheek “it’ll be less than 10 minutes, probably”.

We were there for another hour.

After the wait my dad was annoyed again. He brought up the fact that he was told something else about the price than what they’re saying now, and that he wanted to speak to the director. Our guy pointed at am older white guy with slicked back gray hair and sunglasses standing with his arms crossed and nose in the air. My dad goes over and takes off his own sunglasses and talks to him about the same thing. Director guy makes NO EYE CONTACT, doesn’t even take off his sunglasses, keeps his arms crossed and nose in the air, and says very dismissively things like “oh, that’s how much Honda parts cost” “we don’t make up the prices, Honda does” “that guy who told you that got fired, he lost his job for saying stuff like that” (when he has no idea who we’re talking about, literally talking out of his ass) and then kept repeating himself over and over until my dad ended the conversation and left. Jesus.

Anyways, we need some advice: should we go for the cheaper parts from the other shop, their authentic Honda parts(that the director claimed are ‘always fake’, still making no eye contact), or some performance brakes? And if performance brakes then which ones? Thanks. Also if you guess the right car that my dad wants then bonus internet points, if you give a shit.