I've been pursuing a certain modification to my wife's Mazdaspeed 3, namely a spin-on oil filter mod. The car came with a cartridge filter that is rather obnoxious and a pain. The Mazda3 2.0 uses a spin on filter, and the adapter from that engine literally bolts right up to the 2.3t under our hood. I've waited and discussed with other people who have gone this route before, and there have been zero failures or issues resulting from this, only benefits. The part itself is used in multiple Mazda and Ford applications, so I shopped around using both the Mazda and FoMoCo part numbers. The dealers all told me there wasn't a single one to be found in my entire state, and that it could take a week for it to arrive (if they could even get it) and that it would cost me roughly $100 out the door for the adapter and gasket.

After some quick online shopping, I found a place that would sell me everything I needed and ship it to my front door for a grand total of $58.36. I ordered it last night. It's arriving tomorrow. Now get this, I ordered it from a Minnesota dealership's online parts page. This wasn't a knock off part, this is a genuine OEM part purchased from a dealer.

Can someone please come up with an explanation as to why dealerships are so inefficient that they can't even seem to compete with the online versions of themselves?

Photo courtesy of mazda3club.com user JCPMZR3.