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Stealth Mode

Some updates on my Kia and my job. I think I will call my Kia “Stealth Mode”. It is honestly one of the blandest cars. A high enough average MSRP to not be in the same class as a Versa or Fiesta but not fancy enough to make any bad first impressions.

Bullet hole with Stealth Mode in the background. Photo scrubbed of all identifying info.

One of my first days, I attended a drug fueled attempted murder/rampage. The house was a disaster and my shoes had blood, blueberry juice and glass all over them. I then had to recently attend a greenhouse crop claim where biosecurity is very important. That means, my car has to be easy to disinfect. So I bought Weathertechs for the front, I can take them out and clean them easily.


Given the milage I’m wracking up and Vancouver’s terrible drivers, I installed a Garmin dashcam. I thought about hard wiring it in but I didn’t want to spend the money. I didn’t really want to run the cord along the weatherstripping either since pulling trim of a 3 week old car is not my idea of fun.

The trunk is fantastic. I need to put way more gear in it and sometimes evidence but so far it accommodates everything I need it to.


I’ll be buying some Blizzaks for it soon too. Any suggestions for cheap mods to increase livability, durability or utility?

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