Had to put the Joop Pootriot in the shoop -er, shop- yesterday which led to unexpected expenses... like a rental car with which to get back home last night.

Enter, scene right: 201X Tom Cruise, by Chevrolet.

It’s... a car. I can’t speak terribly highly of the driving experience; it handles well enough, it accelerates well enough, it brakes well enough... it’s not great. I’m 5'7", 160lbs on a bad day, and it feels a tad cramped to me. That’s a bad sign. Also, it’s a 20k-mile car that came pre-loaded with dash rattles, apparently.

The one absolutely stellar quality of this car is its headlights. OH MAH DAYUM. They are amazing! Low beams fill the area in front of the car with an intense, clean, even spread of light, and the high beams project out to the depths of space. WOW. My daily POS has a typical halogen/reflector bucket combo, which is actually one of the best I had experienced up to this point... the headlights on the Cruze are something else entirely though. I’m highly impressed.


As I was stopping at an intersection, i swore that I heard a faint whistle. I thought it might just be a resonance in the intake system. I heard it a couple times, and it got me curious. As i stopped in for gas this morning, I popped the hood, and to my surprise (because I religiously DO NOT follow news on GM products), there was a turbo.


Huh. I never would’ve known.

And here I thought it was just the ECU programming and electronic throttle that were causing the weird acceleration feeling.