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Steam Turbocharger?

So, I’m in an engineering course and for my senior project my partner and I have came up with an idea to use super heated steam that’s been heated up by the exhaust system to power a steam turbine that directly powers the Turbocharger.

We haven’t been able to really find anybody doing anything similar to this. Hell, the only other steam powered application on a car was BMW turbosteamer from 2005.

any thoughts from people who probably understand this better then I do?

We literally have a crap ton of research on it, but the fact that nobody else has done anything like it a little worrying... And ignoring the issues of freezing, this is mostly a proof of concept. In any real application I figured a manufacture could use a special fluid with low boiling point and low freezing point, for more pressure. But due to the fact that we’re only in highschool, we plan on sticking to water.


My idea, in detail, is to use a heat exchanger that surrounds the exhaust pipe, exhaust manifold, and catalytic converter. This steam then powers a steam turbine that is directly linked to a turbocharger.

Then since the turbocharger doesn’t have to be near the exhaust manifold, we can have it located in a much cooler area of the engine bay.

The biggest obstacle that could be a potential issue is that of a condenser, because cooling down superheated water down to below 212 degrees is kinda hard.

But besides that, could a steam turbine realistically power a turbocharger?

Idk, this isn’t exactly formal, I’d just like to get an idea what others think before we go down this way.

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