Update: the locksmith was quite nice, but after over an hour of working, was unable to remove the key fragment. If you were wondering, it’s an old Kia key. I the broken part was found under the seat.

My options now? Another $800+ for an entire new ignition assembly and labor, or $350ish assuming I can find a used, manual one. Either way, multiple days without a car, which makes checking junkyards a no-go. Uber to work is going to start adding up very quickly.

Just once I’d like to be victim to an assault, instead of nighttime thievery. Something where I can take out some anger, because I am so damn tired of dealing with this. At this point there’s nothing I want more than to just get rid of this damn car.


After a not pleasant day at work I came home to a hot water tank leaking like crazy. I’m almost crying tears of relief that 20 year old me was paranoid enough to install said water heater inside of a leak-proof 3' high enclosure in case something like this ever happened. No water damage or angry downstairs neighbor, but I do need to replace my tank.

This is shaping up to be a very expensive November.

Suffice to say I’m taking tomorrow off to try catching up on problems.

Visual representation

On the plus side the hawks are looking moderately alive tonight. Down 3 at halftime against the 49ers isn’t a bad place to be.

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