Is it really important to have in a car or do you just need to pay more attention. Here are a couple examples after the jump of a recent review.

About the Lexus RC-F...

Sample 1. Hooniverse Jeff

"When you put it in Sport +, the electronic power steering system eases some of the assist so you get a nice heavier feeling steering. It's really appreciated out here on a racetrack.

Sample 2. Steve Stutcliffe from AutoCar


"The steering is a bit so-so. Kind of alright, it's accurate but, not a lot of feel" he mentions also that Sport + steering is better for regular driving over a track.

This being just one example on a variety of cars tested where one dude says the steering feel or performance of the steering is good and others that say it doesn't exist at all.


I honestly don't care. I've DD'd cars that have had P/S pumps or old school parallel steering gear boxes (e28 and e34 MY90) that are going to shit then go into work and drive full on expensive enthusiast cars (Corvettes, Cayman, Aston, AMG's, etc.) and those feel suuuuuper light to me. No difference between an Eco car and those things.


If it is about communication with the road, lol trust me, I can feel everything in every car. I think it's more about me paying attention than how the car transfers info. A lot of enthusiasts say things along the lines of, "you have no idea where the wheels are with the lack of steering feel" LOLz! Sorry but that sounds like a personal problem. If you don't know where the wheels are or how they are turning, you need to pay more attention. I could be wrong though. I'm no enthusiast btw. Just an OPPOhaulic that has been in the car repair biz forever.


I know i'm rambling about something as dumb as "steering feel", but soooo many people make a big deal about it. "If it doesn't have steering feel, then it's not a properly engineered car Germany Germany Nurburgring German Engineering Germany Autobahn German Germany blah blah "

Besides, this will only mostly matter in 10 or 15 years when these cars are in our awesome OPPOnaut hands at track days... bro. I've been around these cars for quite a while now and most (i'd say 90%) of them are ever tracked (Regular car realm from semi expensive to expensive enthusiast cars like Mercs, Corvettes, Mustangs, BMW's, Aston, Evoras, Ferrari, etc)


ST's, Miatas, and Toyoburus are out there though more often (keeping in the newish car realm). Those awesome videos you peeps post are sooo cool. I used to do a little AutoX back in San Antonio in my 3 liter heater 1995 M3 5spd. Suuuper fun. No SR20 because 2005 and broke. I want to get back into that for sure. Whether it be in a beater Corolla or a 944, "steering feel" will not be a factor for me.