Steering Wheel to Handlebar Transitions

I drive a Ford Ranger, so its likely no surprise why I’m currently rather uninspired by most all things 4-wheel. I find life a bit more exciting when there is a constant threat of tipping over. Danger, and oneness with the elements I suppose.

Thing is, I wasn’t always this way. I too was a true “oppositelocker” in the 4 wheeled sense of the term. I was a voted in member of the drifting forum Zip-Tied (does that still even exist?). I’ve spent a good deal of time in my cars looking out the side windows looking for where I was going. Spending time following my brother through snowy roads, side by side clipping our front fenders on side road indicators is a great past time of mine.

My second car in life, was an FC RX-7. It was an NA beast that had that annoying meeeeeep when you got close to the Mazda imposed Redline. I learned my first car related drifting in that machine. I also learned to hate clogged heater cores in the middle of winter. I learned to scrutinize a vehicle to no end when buying one secondhand.


As soon as I got the RX7, I knew I wanted to upgrade vehicles (doesn’t everyone?), which inevitably led me to finding a pristine condition 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo. I’m pretty sure it was 2003 when I got the car. The test drive of that machine was incredible. The Toyota salesman’s face was priceless as I got on the gas leaving the parking lot. “I”m not gonna buy a car I haven’t properly tested.”

I ended up spending a lot of time learning with that car. I learned that modifying ECU’s was absolutely retarded (I wish I had video of the fireball shooting out the exhaust as I blasted down a backroad). I learned to be patient with major modifications, and that the right tools for the right job are key to success. I learned electrical gremlins are of the devil.

I spent a few days at drift events. I enjoyed them for the driving, yet hated them for other goofy reasons. Great learning experience however in car control, and how to properly act when things began going pear shape.....or more properly, how to intentionally force it.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. My father borrowed the car from me one cold wintery morning. I needed his truck to go snowboarding with some friends. I received a call that morning that my father and the car decided to do a stopping exercise with a telephone poll. The poll (and thankfully my father) won.


I had a few fun cars post MR2 (SR powered 240, Swapped E30), though those are storied for another time. In the interim, I’ll do my best to keep my handlebars at full stop.



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