Stefan Roser Has Giant Testicles

Driving a powerful rear engined rear wheel drive car can be tricky, just ask the hundreds of 911 owners who've felt the wrath of the pendulum effect whilst travelling through a hedge backwards. There is one man who can tame even the most savage of rear engined beasts though, RUF test driver Stefan Roser.


What follows these words is not new, the YouTube clip below is taken from an 80's VHS called 'Faszination On The Nürburgring' co-starring the batshit crazy RUF CTR. This is the legendary Yellowbird that clocked 211 mph on the Nardo bowl in 1987, hammering the legendary Ferrari F40. How? 470bhp to push 1170kg and the narrow body of a 'normal' 911. They even removed the rain gutters to improve aerodynamics.

All this gave a Nordschlieffe laptime of 8:05 on road tyres, even more impressive when you consider how far tyre technology has come in the last two decades. Although the time is impressive, how this was achieved is something else. There is barely a moment when the wheel is held steady around corners, huge stabs of oppo needed to keep the car on track. The best part? Mr Roser is wearing loafers, a short sleeved shirt and no helmet. If you only watch one thing today, make it this (lap 2 is my personal favourite).

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