Photo: Glen Nordell

The hype train is real. Radwood is actually good. I’m usually not big on hard parkin’, but I went to the one in Austin knowing that this would at least be a good place to show off period-correct Fisher-Price Puffalumps alongside my fine 1984 Porsche race car. Holy crap, the cars. There were so many good cars. Not just one kind of car, but a little bit of all the cars, for all kinds of uses.

The cars were good.

The Puffalumps sat on so many cars and got so many hugs that it was like a year’s worth of Puffalumping in one day. I stuck most of my arm in an F40 hole...again. There was also free Warsteiner, or as I know it, the beer from old DTM cars.


I saw a few other Oppos in the wild, too, so I figured I’d link the big gallery I did for The Drive back over here:

I just...the cars. So many cars. So many. So many good cars. I have broken my brain with the cars. Cars.

Whatchu gonna do with all that puff, all that puff inside that lump?
Photo: Stef Schrader


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