Step 1 for Lincoln: Make Sure Google Knows Your Cars Exist

As with any time I read an article about Lincoln, I generally do a quick Google search to remember which car is which. This method has usually served me well, until I realized that Google had no clue what an "MKS" was. No problem! I'll just add 2014 as the model year, because a three letter abbreviation could be anything. Nope. Google thought it would do me a solid and present me with the MKZ I was clearly searching for.


Now obviously, this is not the first sign of Lincoln's impending doom. Besides, hating on Lincoln in an automotive forum has become about as old hat as making hateful comments about Nickelback on Youtube. Heck, you can also go a step further and ask "who searches '[model name] [model year]', anyways? For the record, "2014 MKS" does provide images (but suggests I take a look at the MKZ's interior).

But it's hard to deny that Lincoln could do themselves a favor by presenting a premium large sedan that doesn't live in the shadows of its lesser model, even if that begins with a little better SEO on image searches.

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