Something like this perhaps? With NAV and SAT

Looking to see if any Oppo has the super knowledge of stereo hardware. I used to help my Dad install them back in the day, but my roles were mostly fishing and running wires, looming, soldering, and making brackets. I figure I can probably rewire what I want, but what I really need help with is sourcing a head-unit that fits most and/or hopefully all my wants.

I’ve currently got an 88' AMC Eagle Wagon and it of course only has a single DIN slot currently filled with a tape deck. The tape deck works pretty good but I miss having XM radio (Calgary radio is pretty repetitive), and phone tunes.

My ideal situation (If you know a make/model that fits this I’d love to hear about it, I know I’ll need the separate XM/Sirius module and / antenna)

  • has XM
  • can pair with a phone, bluetooth with track control is good enough
  • has a pop out screen (think dual DIN size)
  • has NAV
  • screen can be turned off with a physical button push for night driving

I figure I have two general options, amp and speaker situation entirely ignored for the time being:


  • Change the head-unit out to something that has the above and forgo the 80's aesthetic loss, it’s a car, I want to enjoy my time in it, looks be damned. Obviously the less hassle choice and won’t involve changing wiring out (beside pulling wires out of a plug and into a new one)
Would be like this setup, not that unit specifically. Not the BEST, not the WORST though.


  • Leave the tape deck and have the wanted setup totally hidden on some sort of swing out bracket with a “feed” switch to swap between original and new. Involves a lot more work and I’m guessing will require more wiring.

Anybody out there with great ideas and solutions or knows a great unit that I should know about, I’m ALL ears!