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I came across this Sterling GT awhile back while browsing for random cars and decided I kind of liked it. Saved it and then mostly forgot about it for about a month. But I came back to it today and it's still for sale. I have to admit for a relatively cheap car that looks interesting (right up until you roll it and can't get out) it has me interested.

Maybe it's just me but I had never heard of Sterling kit cars before. As it turns out after a quick google search Sterling is still in business and making basically the same cars. Now though instead of a 1971 1.6 liter VW engine they are spec'ing them out with WRX and STi engines which could make it quite a fun car assuming that it corners decently.


Still even without an STi engine and with the VW engine I think it could be a very interesting car. Do I think it's worth $8,000? Idk probably not but in all honesty it has me really intrigued for some reason. A new kit is going for 20k and it really doesn't look like they have changed much in the past 30 years.


So who on here knows something more about Sterling?…


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