Short story long, I plan to buy a new car in probably 6 to 8 months from now and these two are “realistically” on my list of cars to consider.

So, I called up my local Ford dealership today to see if they had any allocations available 2017 model year. The salesperson said they sold out the first day but he was willing to look on the system and see if anyone had an open allocation. He also mentioned that pretty much every one would have a mark up over MSRP. I can’t say I was surprised, that was what I expected.

On the other hand aone could contact the “official enthusiast forum’s dealership” and order an STI for close to, or below invoice price.

Sure the RS may be the better car, but is it still the better car if you can’t find anyone to sell you one? Or if you do find one is it 10 to 15 thousand dollars better?