A month or two ago a friend and I took down three 40-50ish foot dead trees that were near the house. Chainsaws are fun, and it was successful. All three trees came down without falling on either the house, a wall or a person. I gave my buddy most of the wood from the trunks too big to burn without splitting, and I’ve got the rest for my little fire pit in the back yard. I was also left with two giant piles of sticks to get rid of.

Dead calm nights in Southern NM in the spring are damned rare, so I’m taking advantage and attempting to get rid of the second pile. That’s I-25 that my house backs up to, so I’m hoping no one driving by calls the fire department.


This is keeping me company. It is certainly the tastier beverage one expects of a Lagunitas product. What’s Oppo drinking tonight?