Stick Shift & Carpal Tunnel?

On the spectrum of things to complain about while getting older this is pretty low down the list, but anybody else had trouble shifting their manual transmissions? Any tips?

This past week I’ve noticed some pretty bad pain in my wrist when shifting between gears. Almost has me thinking I need an automatic commuter again to deal with rush hour stop and go (and hopefully keep the E46 as a fun weekend car if we can swing it budget-wise).


Over the past 6 months or so I’ve been having pretty bad pain with my dominant wrist. Of course, I’m at a computer all day so that’s a huge driver. I got myself an ergonomic upright mouse and have a wrist brace at home (that I’m really bad at remembering to wear when I go to bed)…next step is try an ergonomic keyboard. Any evidence that a standing desk might help? I doubt it? My desk does go up and down but I rarely use it standing up.

Thankfully I am on vacation for 1.5 weeks after tomorrow, so that break should help rest my wrist a bit.

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