Installed these Fender braces yesterday and got to take them on a test drive today. Install was pretty easy short of my knack for stripping off bolt heads and spending half the day drilling them out, breaking bits and swearing all over the place.

Unfortunately the road I wanted to take wasn’t open yet, but I brought my fishing pole for just that reason and stopped by a reservoir to cast the line a few times. Got lucky and caught a 12" trout at noon my first day out after winter! I could immediately tell the difference on the first turn with a bit of speed. Much less slop! It even got rid of this one weird inconsistent vibration I was getting through the steering wheel and got rid of a tiny bit of wandering at highway speeds. Although that part could be because I was on a better road and not as windy as it has been.

Car is getting to the point of where I want it, only have some Kartboy botox bolts to install and tighten down the rear subframe once I get a 12mm x 1.25 tap to chase the threads out. Then of course some swaybars/bushings/mounts and figure out what I want to do with suspension.


Oh yeah, and that whole thing with getting the A/C fixed or deleting it and sweating my balls off for a 20 pound weight reduction.

Just because I wrote all this down yesterday, here is my list of modifications to the car:


Vishnu Lightweight crank pulley

Walbro 255lph fuel pump

Grimmspeed 3 port EBCS

Grimmspeed Air/oil separator

Perrin Turbo inlet

Brentuned 250tq/245whp

Catless Uppipe

Perrin Turbo back exhaust

Mishimoto intercooler hoses

Paranoid fabrications grounding kit

“Big three” wiring kit


Group N Motor Mounts

Group N Trans Mount

Super Pro Steering Rack Bushings

STi solid Steering linkage

TIC Rear Diff Mount Bushings

TIC Tranny Crossmember bushings

Kartboy front shifter stay bushing

Perrin Pitch Stop Mount

Kartboy Rear Shifter Stay Bushing

Kartboy Rear Subframe outrigger bushings

STi short shifter

Kartboy Rear Subframe bolts - not installed

TIC Giuyngmyo fender cowl braces


Rally armor mud flaps


To come…