Though I won’t be purchasing it for some time, I can’t help but scheme. Some time ago, I posted my wish list which featured older, highly-depreciated German coupes (and an AllRoad) that would push my budget beyond its limit once things started breaking. But then we bought a house so that budget was *whoosh* right down the tubes (to something actually worth investing in and has improved my life greatly, however CANNOT DRIVE!).

But now I’m back to window shopping after a brief period of abstinence (not true: I still look up cars everyday on craigslist).

My wife gets her car next, which will be, set in stone, 5-doors, automatic, small, and did I mention automatic. She will get the practical vehicle she wants, leaving me free, FREE, to purchase something impractical and selfish. But with more on the line than some time ago, I need something that’s at least more reliable than an Allroad and more affordable than a well-maintained 840ci (which apparently is only slightly more reliable than an allroad).


Yes, I would love a ‘76 Celica, which shares the same engine as my pickup, so I would already feel comfortable working on it. Yes, I would love an MkII Supra, which is so ‘80s it’s arousing. But the most modern car I’ve ever owned is a ‘96 Civic DX. I’m not even sure that thing had an airbag... maybe in the steering wheel? God I miss that thing. Anyway, I think I’m ready for something more *shivvers* mmm— modern. Modern but quirky!

Yes, I like this thing. I have seen ONE in my life but it was nice. It would also be a way for me to claim that I drive American (even though it’s an OPEL) SILENCE! I can’t find any around here with three doors, let alone with a stick.


You must be stunned that I want the only Lexus hatchback ever sold in the states (we don’t talk about the CT in this household). Well good news for me, as these are also absurdly uncommon in these parts. Will I find one that has reasonable miles, stock wheels, and untinted windows? Nah. I did try to steer my wife towards the Sportcross, but she saw right through me. “Isn’t this a car YOU want?” “Maybe.”

These are pretty much my two frontrunners as of this moment, sure to change bi-weekly. I don’t think I’ll ever want a sedan, I am so-so on most coupes, and I don’t need another truck... I mean a ‘98 T100 extra cab SR5 4WD with the 3.4L would be nice but I already own a much smaller truck with a longer bed that’s paid for. And other than my phase with the $300 dollar Tercel wagon, I have been daily driving pickups since 2012. And I drive a Tacoma for work. Thousands upon thousands of miles. Time for a car again.


There are so many cars I really like and oogle at, but few at this point in my life I would consider actually owning. I can’t keep buying 30 year old Toyotas that need a lot of work but you can ignore for long periods of time because for God’s sake, they’re 80s Toyotas and immortal. I’m open to suggestions. Or any feedback on the Astra.

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