I think the dealer is dragging their asses. My car has been sitting there since June 2nd.

Anger rising

Series of events:

  • June 1, lost oil pressure. Brought to the dealer the following day
  • Warranty provider had them pull the oil pan to inspect.
  • Found metal in oil pan
  • Provider sent an inspector who had them pull the engine to determine point of failure 6/19
  • All the while it takes me at least two phone calls to get this information each instance
  • I travel the 45 minutes to the dealer this morning to find out what is going on
  • Failed crank bearing, and they need to measure the old one to price the proper one for the warranty provider. Apparently they don't have a device that measures in metric and they need to convert from standard to metric. Smelled like horseshit to me. I ask why they can't just reference a part number, use the proper caliper, or use a phone or the internet to do the conversion. That is not a difficult task. Also, why aren't they just replacing the engine. I get a shrug.
  • I call the warranty provider and they were super helpful. They have been waiting for the information from the dealer since the 19th, but will contact the dealer to get things rolling. They also state that if the rest of the engine is undamaged they will only authorize the failed component. But they are going off of dealers diagnosis. I can understand that, plus it is still under warranty for quite some time. If I lose oil pressure again I won't pull over so quickly next time.
  • I tell the dealer what they told me and that I expect an answer by the end of the day.
  • Stewing some more, when I get home I call back and ask for the manager. He's on vacation.
  • I call VWOA directly and reiterate everything. They told me I will have an answer by the end of day Thurdsay. If not, I'm already polishing my brass knuckles.