Progress is being made on the home improvements, and that includes installation of “wood” laminate floors - which means that we need to cover them back up with rugs. I insist that my GTI is appropriate for carrying 8 foot rugs. Photos of house progress below.

Not the most comfortable driving position, but it works
Stylish towel for muddy dog paw protection, rug pads to lift up the rugs to fit against windshield
The hatch closes on them

So, in the past (as described in my auto-biography) I had a truck, and I used it less and less, so I’m still convinced that the GTI can do most things the truck could (things that I actually used it for, I mean). I may be pushing it. But my wife questioned whether we could get these home in my car, so that meant that it had to happen.

My mock-up of the home improvements was pretty spot on. Still need to paint the walls, though.

Original condition
My mock-up using MS Paint
Current state - needs paint and a bigger TV

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