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Still flying, higher than ever.

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From the trenches, I’m anxious. Planes are still flying for now but the alarming awareness comes from realizing that I’m not the only one up at forty thousand feet. Everyone is. Which means everyone is very light.


Afull 737 will see thirty six or thirty eight thousand feet especially with a lot of gas. With half the people or less and full tanks we can still do for our forty one thousand. Our limit. I’m seeing thatnearly every flight now.

The only thing keeping me from crazy town is knowing my company has the best balance sheet and position of any airline for this. Plus learning the virus is similar to chicken pox in that you won’t get it again, but we all know one person or heard of an outlier that got it twice. So I’ll get sick and get better and not get it again and move on with life.


Yes it’s true. Read up if you can get it again. You’ll find out.

Anyway, Chicago Midway tower closed two days ago due to illness staffing, Decon yesterday. Should be open today. Last night late the Vegas tower had the same thing. Today is my last day out this week and I’m just trying to get home before the big snow.


Dual Earth quake in Salt Lake yesterday.

I hear the locust swarms are in North Africa?

So I’m oddly calm with acceptance of my fate. I will get this. I don’t see not getting it. I’ve never smoked, don’t have a pre-existing conditions, nor an immune deficiency. 0.4% of my age demographic will die from it compared to 0.01 from flu. I’ll get sick. I’ll get better. I’ll be fine to work after. So will most all of us.


Am I detached and uncaring? I don’t know at this point, but I wish everyone well. I also wish everyone informed.

Ill fly till I can’t. I can survive a bit at home till most likely January if I have to. But simply put...


You will get better and likely not have it again and be back to a normal but more sanitized life.

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