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Apparently Lopez Obrador is still desperately trying to sell the presidential jet. He told a bunch of people that he’s going to offer the airplane to Donald Trump... Perhaps to replace the, rather new, C-32 that Mike Pence is supposed to use.


Evidently, Lopez Obrador needs to understand that American Presidents aren’t supposed to fly twins... For safety you know... and what kind of superpower buys their jets used from their crummy neighbors?

Lopez Obrador said, and this is a direct quote:

“I came to Torreon via comercial, and from there I took the highway. There isn’t a presidential jet anymore. We’re selling 73 airplanes and helicopters (...) a jet that not even Donald Trump has. I cannot understand why he doesn’t buy it, We will sell it to him! Next time I speak with him, I will offer it”


Clearly, this terrible teen still exists, it still belongs to the Mexican Federal Government... and selling it still represents a very bad idea...

Also, since the 787 is so cheap to fly, and since Lopez Obrador loves flying around the country... I do wonder if it would’ve been cheaper for him and his staff to just fly the damn thing rather than buying tickets on regular jets and keeping the 787 in California on a leased hangar because god forbid the jet is actually in it’s country of registration.

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