If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Still in love!

With every new love there come little issues.

On the way to work Monday a CEL popped up. It was gone on Tuesday and no codes stored.

On Wednesday SVC 4wd scrolled across the dash. Gone on Thursday, no codes stored.

Thursday night? Check washer fluid. It was full.

Friday.. It didn’t want to go into AWD and the ABS light came on. The dash lights would flash between 2wd and auto. All was good after work.



The PO said it sat a lot and the last long trip it’s been on was over a year ago. So I gave it an “Italian tune-up” today. We hit the road at 6am and rolled out to Lacrosse, WI. 300 miles round-trip and I swear I felt the beast relax. There were also some worrisome low speed harmonics going on that just disappeared.


Average economy was 14.6mpg over 300ish miles. That beats Crusty by almost 5mpg.

Yeah, I want a second one now.


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