I freakin love this harness. Although I’m very much ready to try a new seat...

That said I wish Schroth offered this one with the quick-fit connections where shoulder and lap belt are each tied into the same buckle. Based on their site, that style is only available if I was to ditch the ASM FE shoulder straps which *allegedly* offer a high level of safety on streets with no helmet. When I order my passenger harness I’ll ask them if I can get the quick fit buckles and ASM FE straps, maybe they’d do a custom order.


Also I’ve been driving the 850 in shooting brake mode because I can.


That “winter, economy, sport” switch does absolutely nothing. It’s for the automatic transmission. In fact, it actually gets in the way and pops out a few millimeters when I shift into reverse. Buuuuuut I hate button blanks so I took this off a junkyard car with the hopes of wiring it up to something cool in the future. A little bit of trimming will make sure that it clears the shifter linkages regardless of gear.

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