So, yeah...I had family come visit over the three-day weekend. And then an exam in there. So progress ended up being slower than I’d hoped. That said, much progress has been made on the Montero. Here’s some (maybe?) chronological progress images.

Since the last update, the speakers went into the doors and rear fenders

The interior bits mostly have gone in at this point, but they’re boring, so no pictures. I did mask off the very faded faux wood bits and painted them black, and then coated them with a layer of “bed liner” for some texture:


Spraypainting while IN the car was a new one for me, but those bits are glued down and the components they are attached to are nearly impossible to remove, so mask mask mask and spray.

Also, began the arduous task of replacing the dash lights with LEDs. Apparently the low gas and a couple other lights have issues, and stay on a bit all the time. Those might go back to bulbs...


Also, the LEDs are polarity sensitive, where the bulbs are not, so there’s a lot of effort figuring out which one’s were installed backwards, flipping, testing, etc... Not done yet!

And as of last night, the rest of the trim, center console, stereo, and seats are in!


I also finished connecting the oil cooler lines, torqued them down, put oil back in the beast, and she’s ready to be started up again!  But it was too late last night, so let’s just hope it starts....