Hey guys! Ya’ll are such a mixed bag of awesome people so let me throw this out your way and see what you guys have to say.

My land lord approached me yesterday that he is going to retire in the next year and a half. As part of his retirement he wants to sell the house, which make sense. The house is currently in good shape, we absolutely love it it every thing we need a slightly more. it’s current market value is about 85K up from 74k when we moved in. He offered it to us for 79k and will do a rent to own till we occur 15% of the value for down payment, security deposit included. So we already have 2k into this.

so the long and short for you guys is: Has any one rented to own? how did that work out for you? is this a bad idea? basically what are your thoughts?

Cts racecar for your time